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A gem with the same look and feel as a diamond

Eternals Earth is a veteran diamond processing manufacturer on Hovenierstraat in Antwerp. It has 50 years of diamond processing history and has provided diamond services for many international brands.

In September 2016, Moissanite production patents were opened globally. Based on mature optimization technology and years of diamond processing experience, Eternals Earth applied the most advanced and excellent diamond technology to the development of Moissanite. After nearly 3 years of research, in 2019 In 2017, the real D-color Moissanite was finally bred and named the magic star.

July 2020 Eternal

Belgian Magic Star Diamond

Moissanite TOP1

Only 1% of rough stones are eligible for ETERNALS EARTH

Every diamond is really extremely white and D color, which is currently the highest quality of Moissanite


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It sparkles brighter than my actual diamond ring and I have read that’s common with moissanite stones.I plan on purchasing a 2 Ct after I see how the band holds up.
Mary Kate
It's insanely beautiful! Verification of the certificate on the site shows the characteristics of the stone. The ring went in quarantine for almost 4 months. But the result of waiting was worth it!
Anna Grace
At first I was worried about quality, until the moment I opened the ring box!! All certificates are available. Outwardly impossible to distinguish from Diamond.
Very satisfied, thank you to the seller. The ring is excellent, the size approached exactly. Recommend. The stone is sparkling!
John Peterson
Our Certification

Our Quality is Not Afraid of Tests

ETERNALS EARTH has multiple authoritative certifications and the quality can be proved.

Authoritative certificate certification

All of our jewelry has authoritative GRA certificate certification, including card holders, certificates and black cards. One drill one certificate, one certificate one code, the official website can be verified.

Can be detected by a drill pen

All of our jewellery can be tested by the drill pen, and the 9-segment light is on for real diamonds.

Provide TOP1 grade Moissanite

Our company is the general agent of Belgian Magic Star Diamonds in China, guaranteeing that every Moissan diamond is imported from Belgium.